Class Descriptions

Student participation will include:
                  Listening Skills Development
                  Movement / Dance
                  Beat / Rhythm / Melodic Studies
            ♪          Improvisation
                  Note Reading
                  Body Percussion
                  Ensemble Playing*
                  Poems / Rhymes / Stories        

*Ensemble playing incorporates melodic instruments including xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones that are played in ensemble together with drums and a variety of small percussion.


Preschool and Kindergarten lessons begin with listening activities, sound sensitivity, and the control of sound and silence. The notation of sound and silence is the introduction to our musical code system. Rhythmic skills are introduced through the analysis of long and short sounds; melodic skills developed by high and low sounds, and vocal inflection. The instruments of the tonebar ensemble provide each child with well tuned examples of pitch and harmony. Large body movement, then arm and shoulder, and finally, the training of finger dexterity, is the sequence used in developing coordination skills.  Joyful music making and a positive self image are overall intentions of the program.

Children in First Grade classes will continue their experiences of listening, imitation and exploration. They will move forward to new extensions and interpretations of musical concepts.   Ensemble playing will be emphasized through movement, speech, song and instrument playing within a larger group.  Notation skills, developed through movement, rhythmic and melodic speech, instrumental ostinati, and improvisation, progress according to language development.  Sequencing and memory span activities help students read musical phrases and sentences rather than “note-to-note” hesitant reading.  It is important to note that all of these musical skills will also aid class members in other areas such as math and phonics.

Starting at second grade, classes progressively include recorder, keyboard, dulcimer, guitar, electronic instruments and instrument making experiences.
                One fun way to play the recorder.                An early exploration with good posture             "I can't believe I made this myself!"
         "Maybe I'll be a rock star one day."                                          Playing a Theremin                                   8th graders building a glass xylophone
High Schoolers building drums.

Middle School students will have  the opportunity to be totally involved in the process of making a musical instrument, from working the mathematical formulas of acoustics to sawing, painting, and tuning wood for a xylophone-type instrument.


This High School class, created and patterned after a book by the same name, explores many cultures including Africa, India, Japan, Latin America, and Native America through their use of drums and various percussion instruments.  Students have the opportunity to have “hands on” a vast array of authentic ethnic instruments from the Studio’s collection, while learning playing techniques, musical characteristics of a culture, as well as acquiring a broad knowledge of World Music.  Drums and percussion instruments will be made by class members.

Summer programs for elementary and middle school students examine the music, art and drama of various cultures, such as Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan.
Summer music art and drama topics for preschool and kindergarten students include Circus Marionettes, The Shape of Me, Sleeping Beauty, Peter and the Wolf, Dragons and Fairy Tales, Musical Instruments Made to Be Played.
The last class of each nine week term is unique for teachers and students* to share with parents experiences they have had during the term.  This regularly scheduled lesson is designed to demonstrate the Orff process and its philosophy.  Parents are informed about materials and advised of activities to be done at home or within the community, thus enriching the musical accomplishments of the students.
*Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade.
Older students will share with their parents twice a year at the discretion of the teacher.

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